Thriftway Pharmacy; Poisoning

What if a poisoning occurs?

Call Poison Control Center at 212-340-4494 or 212-764-7667 (212-POISONS)

Do you know what to do if a poisoning occurs?

  1. First of all, remain calm.
  2. Call the Poison Center or your physician.
  3. Have the following information ready:
    • Age of patient
    • Your name and phone number
    • Name of product and ingredients
    • Amount Involved
    • Time poisoning occurred
    • Any symptoms

The Poison Center or your Physician will give you instructions on what to do next.

Do you have Syrup of Ipecac?

Vomiting may help to remove poisons from the stomach. If vomiting is necessary, the Poison Center may instruct you to give the patient syrup of ipecac.  DO NOT GIVE IT UNLESS SPECIFICALLY INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. If you don’t have syrup of ipecac, you can purchase a one ounce bottle at your pharmacy. If hospital treatment is needed, the Poison Center will direct you to the closest hospital that can handle your problem.  When taking someone to the hospital, one adult should drive while another keeps the victim comfortable. Take the container the poison was in and any vomited material.  If the victim requires and ambulance, the Poison Center will arrange for one for you.

How Can You Prevent Poisonings?

  1. Store all drugs and chemicals in their original containers and out of reach of children, preferably in a locked cabinet.
  2. Never put chemicals in food containers.
  3. Following the use of any drug or chemical, put the cap on properly and store the product out of reach and out of sight of children.
  4. Never call medicine candy.
  5. Use products with safety caps.
  6. Read and follow label directions on all products before using them.
  7. Keep the phone number of the Poison Center attached to your telephone.  Don’t hesitate to call if you have a problem or a questions.

If a poisoning occurs call Poison Control Center at 212-340-4494 or 212-764-7667 (212-POISONS)

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